Remington 783 Rifle Review

VD November 11 2021

There was a time when hunters assumed that a hefty price tag might be inevitable to buy a high-quality rifle, but no matter how good the price of the rifle is, if the gun can't shoot straight, then it is useless. Although, there are still a plethora of hunting rifles that can get the job done. The Remington 783 is one such rifle. Even though it might not be as flashy or high-tech as some other rifles on the market, it does have plenty to offer in terms of quality, performance, and price.

These days, the majority of gun manufacturers have proved that this isn't the case, and Remington 783 is among the various low-cost rifles that are in competition for being one of the top low-price hunting rifles that can be found in the market. In this Remington 783 review, we will be talking about different features of this rifle that is known to be the hunter’s favorite.

What is Remington 783?

Remington has built 783 on a nylon fiber reinforced synthetic stock containing two aluminum pillars under the receiver and an excellent SuperCell recoil pad. You will find sling-swivel holes to be molded in the stock, which is undoubtedly a great idea by the manufacturers. The rifle has a cylindrical receiver, and there is a small ejection port in order to enhance the rigidity.

There is a solid detachable magazine from where the cartridges feed. It is worth noting that Remington 783 has No. 2 contour tubes rather than the soda-straw barrels. Its trigger is a two-stage design that resembles a lot with the Savage AccuTrigger. If you use a borescope, it will still function greatly and shoot to kill the hunt. However, just like other hunting rifles, you might experience a small difference in performance at 100 yards.

If you look closely, it has an elongated and shiny bolt knob with the Remington logo written on it. It also uses a Douglas barrel produced from 416R stainless steel alloy and is threaded for additional cartridges to be added to the gun. The Remington 783 is perfect for hunters who are looking for affordable rifles with great quality.

Though it might not be as flashy or high-tech as some other competing rifles on the market, it does have plenty to offer in terms of quality, performance, and price.

Remington 783 features

  • Accuracy

Remington 783 is undoubtedly a good shooter with a pretty decent trigger. This rifle is capable of hitting three-shot groups at a range of 100 yards within an inch. Stiffness is a key to accuracy in any rifle, as it eliminates warping, bending, and twisting of the weapon when firing. This way, the bullet will be flying straight. However, the 783 is not as stiff as Savage Axis, and this can be a concern for gun enthusiasts who are looking to hit at longer ranges with consistency.

The Remington 783 features an aluminum bedding block that makes it accurate even when it is tested with rapid firing. If you want to shoot tiny groups at 100 yards or less, you should definitely look forward to the 783. It is capable of generating sub-MOA 3-shot groups with match ammo, which is not possible for many hunting rifles.

  • Cylindrical receiver

There are few bolt actions on the market these days that have cylindrical receivers, but this Remington 783 review will assure you that the cylindrical receiver is a good design. The main advantage of this feature is that it provides sturdiness to the rifle by adding rigidity as well as strength. In addition, it also reduces weight without compromising accuracy.

  • Reliability

You will be finding no mechanical issues in your Remington 783, as it offers a clean finish, which is excellent for a low-priced rifle. One version of the same rifle has a nylon fiber that is reinforced in synthetic stock, whereas the other has a walnut stock. In your Remington 783 review, you will find it to be very reliable and have no issues in using it.

  • Trigger

The trigger on the Remington 783 is outstanding. You can use it for shooting small games or even predators. It comes with a crisp feel, which is very much appreciated by shooters even if they are using it for long hours in hunting season. Its lock time has also been reduced to accommodate faster engagements especially when you are using this rifle for the big game.

However, there are some things you need to consider when using Remington 783, such as the fact that it has a two-stage trigger. Additionally, it does not come with safety or iron sights. If you do not like the trigger on the Remington 783, then you can choose to replace it with a custom trigger that offers an adjustable weight of pull, overtravel, and can improve your accuracy.

  • Modularity

The Remington 783 also offers modularity since the bolt will not be easily locked if there is no cartridge on the magazine. It has a detachable magazine feature, which allows you to swap out magazines or add more rounds for convenience.

If you are hunting in a cold climate, then the Remington 783 is perfect for you. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it even better for beginners or people who like arctic hunting.

The bolt of this rifle has large-sized dual locking lugs that ensure maximum safety during firing.

  • Handling

When we compare 783 with other rifles, its synthetic stock is indeed the beefiest one. The Supercell recoil pad is a bit squishy, whereas the plastic is relatively grippy. Its safety is loud and comes with two positions, but many people may not find the safety to be as convenient as the tang safety. Its bolt has a flat handle that you will find relatively easy to use.

Furthermore, the 783 has a shorter bolt throw than on most bolt-action rifles.

  • Barrel Length

The barrel length of the Remington 783 measures 20 inches, which is relatively short for varmint hunting and it gets rids of muzzle jump associated with some standard 22-caliber centerfire cartridges. Also, the shorter barrel makes the 783 to be very accurate.

However, if you are looking for a hunting rifle that delivers great power with minimal recoil, then you should go for the Remington 783. It is available in many calibers ranging from 17 HMR to .308 Winchester. You can take shots much more accurately without much hassle when compared to other rifles.

  • Magazine and reloading

There is a detachable box magazine in Remington 783 that is capable of holding four rounds. It is made of plastic and steel, while the metal parts form its most important portions. Its magazine is effortless to load, and you will be having no issues when you will feed the cartridges in the chamber. The loading of the magazine in the receiver is relatively quick and natural, and as compared to many other rifles, 783's retention and release are relatively better.

The magazine of the Remington 783 can be a bit tricky to remove, but this problem is not that common.

  • Sights and optics

Remington 783 does not have iron or optical sights that may be a bit disappointing for many people. But if you are looking for a varmint hunting rifle, then it really doesn't matter, and there are many reasons why you will not be needing any sights on this rifle.

The Picatinny rail of the Remington 783 has 19 slots, which is quite solid and offers you a reliable optic with greater durability. It is made of anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion and offer great durability and features a 20 MOA elevation for greater long-range accuracy.

  • Affordability

If you are looking for a budget rifle and want more than what the Savage Axis has to offer, then Remington 783 might be your best option. It is an excellent choice for hunters who do not want to break the bank but still want a reliable and accurate weapon.

There is no doubt that Remington 783 continues to impress even after it has been produced for decades. It is a true hunting rifle, which has earned its place in the hearts of hunters around the world.

There are few rifles on the market that have quality features at this price range. The Remington 783 will prove to be an outstanding choice for hunters who might have had to deal with budget constraints when it comes to their favorite pastime.

So, the advantages of Remington 783 are:

  1. It is an excellent rifle for varmint hunting.
  2. It is available in many sizes and calibers, such as .17 HMR, .204 Ruger, .22 LR, etc.
  3. It is made of a one-piece steel receiver that offers great durability.
  4. Its bolt has dual locking lugs that offer greater reliability.
  5. Its safety is loud and comes with two positions for maximum convenience.
  6. It has a detachable box magazine, which provides easy cartridge loading.
  7. It features an excellent trigger system, light recoil, and a short bolt stroke.
  8. The stock of the Remington 783 is synthetic, but it is sturdy and reliable.

Also, there are a few disadvantages of Remington 783:

  1. It does not have iron sights.
  2. Its bolt can be difficult to manipulate when compared to other rifles in a similar price range.
  3. The price of the gun might seem a little high with respect to its features.

If you are looking for a rifle with great accuracy and reliability at an affordable price, then the Remington 783 is the best choice for you. This weapon has the capacity to deliver accuracy at greater distances than most other rifles.


In this Remington 783 review, we found out that it is undoubtedly an excellent hunting rifle, especially for the ones who are on a budget. Its reliability, affordability, sound trigger, and accuracy make it stand out in the competition. Therefore, if you want a hunting rifle that is capable of doing the right job for you without breaking the bank, you should definitely go for Remington Model 783.