Pig Hunting Tips: How to Call in Wild Hogs

VD July 07 2021

Are you looking for information about boars before going on a wild boar hunt? Then you are in the right place because we will shortly reveal boar hunting tips and a secret technique of wild hog calling to enable you to hunt big game efficiently.

An adult boar is a huge and strong animal that can pose a severe threat to hunters, but it is also very elusive and difficult to hunt. You might want to hunt wild boars to control property damage, for bacon, for fun, or to prove your bravery. In any case, this article will give you everything you need to become a master pig hunter.

To hunt hogs, you have to know their abilities, behavior, and habits like the back of your hand. Wild boars are brilliant animals that can sense danger from afar and escape immediately. But they are animals, so there is a limit to their intelligence. If you have found a boar home range, you can record the patterns of their eating, traveling, and other preferences making the hunting process relatively easy. If there is no home for the feral boars, they will be mainly on the move and rely intensely on their senses to survive.

Let's dig deep into their natural abilities to separate myths from facts.

Sense of Smell of a Boar

Wild boar's sense of smell is very developed. Even if it is not the very best out there, it is still one of the most enhanced smelling senses possessed by animals. They can smell the scent of different things from a distance of almost 8 kilometers, so you have to be extremely careful when you are near them.

There are countless odors available in the market that claim to cover your scent from the wild boars, but the best aroma to distract pigs is the scent of food.

When you are on the hunt, carry one or two pounds of corn in a bag that is connected to your backpack or belt and make sure to drop a few kernels now and then but do not let them flow freely, or you will be quickly out of corn to mask your scent. Use a backpack that is sturdy and will allow you to clip corn bag easily to it.

Sense of Vision of a Boar

There are a lot of myths about the eyesight of pigs. Many sources even claim that boars are blind, but in fact, boars have very low sight. Their sense of vision is not very developed and is more on the marginal side, but they are nowhere near blind. The wild boars have monocular vision, which means they can see separately from each eye, which broadens their vision to locate food quickly and alert them of any instant danger. But this monocular vision comes with the price of a loss of in-depth perception, and this might be the cause of myths related to the pigs being blind. Because of monocular vision, wild boars can see to a range of 100 yards and up to an angle of 130 degrees.

So be very careful when you are scouting with a rifle the green light as it might alert the animal. Wild boars are very sensitive towards shadows and consider their threats and might escape swiftly after locating a shadow nearby. Taking care of shadows is especially important during night hunting.

Sense of Hearing of a Boar

Wild boar's sense of hearing is not very enhanced, and if you refrain from making any loud noise within 100 yards, they will not notice anything. This has been practically observed that if people talk in whispers, the wild boars will hardly notice anything but anything louder than a whisper will alert the animal, causing it to flee.

Advance Hunting Tactic: Wild Pig Calling

Calling boars to you instead of chasing them, how does that sound? Like other animal hunting like bobcats and coyotes, you can call to lure pigs near you and hunt them easily. Wild boars are famous for being intensely territorial and have a higher tendency to fight rather than flight when threatened directly. So this behavior can be exploited by you to hunt more pigs. When boars are on the move, it will be tough to distract them from their objective, but they will be highly susceptible to calling when resting or feeding.

Calling wild hogs needs a precise method. Doing it in the wrong way will not be productive and might have the opposite effect. The best approach is to stand in the wind's direction and call them in quick and small bursts for half a minute, then wait for a few minutes and call again. In normal circumstances, after calling, the boars will react immediately by coming out of their hidings, and they will be in your shooting range.

The Best Wild Boar Call

There are not many boar calls available in the market because boars are very social and have a developed language for communication; thus, it is not possible at the moment to imitate their vocals perfectly other than some grunting sound and squealing of a piglet(a distress call).

Grunting sounds are not very practical for calling and can just be used to calm pigs when feeding, whereas the squealing of a pig is very effective. The wild boars, especially mother pigs, react strongly to these sounds, but you have to call with perfect timing.

An electronic caller with baby pig squealing will give you the best results.


Wild boar hunting is not difficult anymore. Understand wild boar's behavior and abilities while using the advance hunting tactic of wild boar calling to get immediate results


Is pig calling a myth or real?

Pig calling is an authentic and reliable method to call wild pigs for easier hunting.

At what times of the day wild pigs are most active?

Mostly, pigs are active in the early morning or evening, but they might be active all day long in winter.