How To Carry a Bow on Your Back: 5 Steps to Success

VD July 07 2021

Bows go hand in hand with hunting as well as archery, and for that reason, you need knowledge that will allow you to carry your bow properly before venturing into the woods. Be it carrying a bow for a short distance or a long distance, knowing how to carry a bow might make you enjoy what you are going to do or not enjoy it at all.

Carrying a bow on your back is just one of the many ways to go by. The bow can be carried in a case, in your hands, on a vehicle, or over the shoulder. However, this article focuses on how one can carry a bow on his back properly, without risk of injury or endangering other people.

Mastering how to carry a bow on your back properly relieves you of fatigue and frees your hands so you can carry any other items you need during your hunting adventure. By properly carrying the bow on your back, you distribute the weight of the bow across your whole body, thus facilitating easy movement. 

Why should you carry a bow on your back?

  • It is easily accessible and can easily be reached during hunting
  • It is very convenient to carry a bow on your back.
  • Relieves stress when hiking or going in long-distance hunts in terranes areas.

Follow these tips and you shall master the act of how to carry your bow on your back.

  • Wrap the bowstring with a cotton towel

A bowstring is a string that joins both ends of the bow stave and helps launch an arrow. The bowstring has a variety of properties but perhaps the most important is the rigidity of the string. Covering the bowstring with cotton or a piece of cloth prevents any direct contact between your back and the tight bowstring. This reduces injuries remarkably. 

In the case of movement, the bowstring might hurt other people in the process, covering it with a piece of cloth or cotton reduces the likelihood of injuring anyone nearby. It is advisable to use a towel or a piece of cloth that is large enough to wrap the bowstring twice.

  • After covering the bowstring, wear it like a sling

Picture the guns used back in the World Wars and how they used to be carried around. Covering the bowstring with cotton or a piece of cloth is the first process and wearing it comes next. 

Wearing the bowstring like a sling prevents the bow from falling away from your body. You can create a recurve bow-back sling that has a snug fit so you can carry the bow around easily. Before choosing a position, consider trying various ways to make the bow fit nicely on your back.

  • Ensure that you tighten it to get a proper snug fit

In making a sling, be it from the cotton towel or a piece of cloth, make sure it sits tight. This way, it will not slip away, and your bow will be safe to use.

  • You need to keep practicing your skills when it comes to carrying a bow on your back.

Ever heard that practice makes perfect? Just like anything else that needs practice to attain perfection, carrying a bow on your back properly is a skill that needs to be learned over time. There are those standard practices that might be achieved through a single trial, such as wrapping the bowstring using cotton or a piece of cloth. However, other practices like adjusting the bowstring to fit properly and quickly getting the bow from your back when called into action need practice.

  • Correct technique will improve efficiency

When prey is on sight, the quick movement that always includes getting your bow from where you carry it is important. Proper handling of equipment ensures the success of your archery adventure, and this includes how fast you get your bow. When you are removing the bow from your back, you need to hold it from the bottom, then slip it over your head and your arms. Those are some practices that will help you know how to carry your bow on the back.