Coyote Hunting Gear: Buyer's Guide

Susan Fernandez November 11 2021

Trying to look for coyote hunting gear online has become a daunting task due to the sheer amount of online equipment. In this article, we have tried to bring you the best coyote hunting gear list recommended by veterans after years of experience in the wild.

Generally, the most basic gear you will need is a camo, rifle, and a predator call. If you already have a rifle and camo, then only with a call you will be all set to go.  If you buy an electronic call, that's even better because it is very clear and will improve your chances, even though it is a bit expensive.

Many cheap options are available, but most hunters have gear worth $500-$1000 (excluding optics and rifle). Let's have a look at what you will actually need to harvest coyotes without any hassle.

Coyote Hunting Gear: What You Need to Have

  1. The primary equipment you need is footwear, rifle, camo, and a call. When buying gear for hunting, the first piece of equipment should always be your gun. Do not worry if you are low on a budget all you need is a reliable weapon that can shoot powerful shots precisely. 
    Ignore any other fancy features and cool-looking accessories. They are mostly irrelevant to the gun's functioning. You can purchase a solid rifle starting from $400. Besides the gun, the scope is the only accessory that is a must.
    The recommended rifle for hunting coyotes is an AR-15 rifle loaded with 223, 224 Valkerie, and 223 Wylde. The 223 is affordable and one of the best performing cartridges for coyote hunting.
    For footwear, make sure not to buy something very dark or bright as you will be spotted quickly. You can buy comfortable shoes in brown or camo. All shades of these colors tend to work well.
  2. On the second number, you should go for camo (camouflage). This is also the thing on which people spend money without thinking. When buying things, brand names and price tags do not matter. It would be best first to consider your needs and if the camo will blend with the environment of the place you are going. Keep the weather condition in mind as well.
    Camouflage should be bought according to weather conditions. If you are going to hunt coyotes in winter, then buy it accordingly. Camo cap is the best choice so far as nothing will obstruct your vision while keeping your head safe from sun rays and rain. For gloves, simple fingerless ones will do just fine.
  3. Next comes the call which is another important thing. There are three types of calls that you can use to attract a coyote: coyote howl, fawn bleats, and rabbit in distress. If you think that coyote howl will be the most effective, then think again.
    It has been reported that the most effective call is of rabbit in distress. The fawn bleats only work in spring, and coyote howl is the least effective call among the three. Its only purpose is to locate other coyotes as they tend to howl along with the call.
    Electric calls are better options as they are recorded sounds of other animals. Meanwhile, you can keep your hands on the rifle and fire if you spot the animal without any disturbance.
  4. For scent control, you can use wind indicators to let them know where the wind is coming from so they stay away. If you do not have one, then it would be best to look for a place in which the wind blows parallel to your face at all times.
  5. On the fifth number, if possible get yourself muzzled with an extra-large dog muzzle or something similar that will fit over all of your clothing. A coyote can easily bite through any string-type leash without breaking into pieces (common muzzles are made of wire mesh). Make sure it does not come off when you shoot the animal and does not obstruct any area of your body while shooting. This is also useful during nature walks or hikes in open areas like parks.
  6. A hunting vest is also an important point in the list of things you need to have for coyote hunting. It is the best way to carry your rifle, muzzle, and other accessories around with you as it will give you easy access to all items at once.
    So far as vests are concerned, do not buy those that have a lot of pouches because they hinder movement which can cause accidents while shooting. A simple fishing vest should work fine also try having a mixture of camo colors so that it does not stand out too much or blend in too much either.
  7. For optics, do not go for anything fancy as accuracy is the only thing that matters when hunting coyotes unless you have enough money to spend. You can purchase a cheap spotting scope that fits your budget.
  8. The final thing you need for coyote hunting is a comfortable backpack to carry all the items in one place so you do not have to fumble around with them when it comes time for shooting. Pack them in a way so that they are easy to access in case there is reloading required. A comfortable backpack will save you from having blisters on your back and shoulders from carrying heavy equipment around while also keeping you from getting injured due to clumsiness or rushing things around at odd times of the day. In addition, the weight distribution over your body allows you to carry more things without straining yourself by putting excess stress on one part of your body if something has to be set down or an item needs to be retrieved.

Best Value Gear List

Here is a list of gear that will give the best value to your money:

  • Ruger American (Predator) bolt action rifle with 223 cartridges ($450)
  • Scope ($450 Sightmark Wraith).
  • Lightweight and durable tripod ($140 Bog death grip).
  • Nylon rifle sling ($10)
  • Camo (hat, shirt, pants according to your environment)
  • 5 color camo face paint ($7)
  • Hornady Varmint Ammo ($30)
  • Iotec (GC300) Predator Electronic call ($100)
  • Primos Mouse grip call ($9)

Note 1: Coyotes howl back at sirens, whistles, and other sounds during mating season. If you are caught in the middle of setting up your hunting gear, try imitating a mating howl which includes three plaintive ascending notes followed by three descending notes from the top note's original pitch.

If one coyote answers your call then there are bound to be more behind it as they tend to travel in packs like wolves. Coyotes do not like fire, so it would be a good idea to carry around some type of fire starter with you. Moreover, coyote hunting at night is illegal in many places due to which the best time to hunt them down will be after dusk or dawn during morning and evening respectively.

Note 2: When discharging your gun make sure that there are no people or animals anywhere near the vicinity as they can get injured or killed if they are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a stray bullet. If you feel threatened by any animal while out in the wild, do not hesitate from using your rifle for protection.

Final word

Now that you have a list of items to buy for coyote hunting, it is best if you practice the right way to use each item so that when it counts, you can shoot an accurate shot and not injure or kill someone who is around while trying to shoot a coyote.