Best Hunting Camo Brands Reviewed

VD September 09 2021

Hunting is a lot more than just a pastime for a number of people, first of all, because it emerges from their passion, and, secondly, becomes an integral part of their personality. It doesn't matter where you hunt, there can never be a substitute for quality hunting equipment. 

For camo hunting, there’s no shortage of high-performing brands on the market. The right choice of hunting apparel is helpful for you as a hunter so that you can feel confident in any situation. You will find the best hunting clothing brands specializing in creating high-quality hunting clothes with unique patterns, technologies, and fabrics.

How to choose the best hunting camo clothing brands?

You will find a number of camo hunting models that might be suitable for big game hunting. Some options have a camo pattern specially tuned for whitetail hunting from the tree stands. Although the sheer number of options can get you a little confused, you will be required to choose either from the greenish or the greyish patterns, go for a subalpine for the majority of forest hunting and choose an open country pattern if you want to hunt in high deserts.

It doesn’t matter what camo pattern you opt for, but whenever it is possible, you must stick to the shadows and try to keep your movements to a minimum so that the animals may not see you. In order to have effective camo patterns, you need to follow two basic rules, no matter what different brands say about how good the camo patterns may be.

Always look at the weight

Choosing the weight of your hunting apparel might be the most significant decision factor for you. Choosing a thicker and heavier fabric can be a good option for cold weather hunting, whereas a thinner and lighter material will be ideal for hot weather hunting. You always have the opportunity to layer if you would like to change how the best hunting clothing brands tend to perform in the frequently changing patterns of weather.


There are DWR or Durable Water Repellent finishes on the fabrics, which are chemical coatings that repel water. Although these may not be able to make the fabrics completely waterproof, they are undoubtedly excellent for light rain, wet grass, and wet brush. It is also worth noting that DWR coatings tend to weaken and wear out with time. 

Indeed, waterproof hunting clothes may have a waterproof layer of membrane that is fused into a 2.5 or a 3-layer fabric. GORE-TEX-based material is usually considered to be the best option, and the top hunting clothing brands go for Gore-TEX.

Top Camo Hunting Brands

When going for hunting, you will require hunting gear from the top outdoor gear and hunting apparel brands. You can also come across great offers from brands that may not be very well-known. Whether the brand is big or small, the following best hunting clothing labels are worth trusting with the hunting gear.


Sitka is among the top hunting gear brands that are well known for its layering system, specially designed to regulate temperature and manage moisture. With Sikta hunting clothes, you will feel warm and protected from the wind, and as an added bonus, it will not make you puffy. Because of this, you will be able to move quietly and smoothly.

Other than that, all of the apparel categories of Sitka include the latest technologies in hunting wear, which means that there are virtually endless options available for you to find the hunting outfit that matches your style. Therefore, it is considered as the top camo hunting gear out of all the brands out there.

Under Armour

For those hunters who would like to have high-quality hunting gear at almost half the price of Sitka, Under Armour is the best choice. In the hunting industry, Under Armour surely has an excellent reputation, and this reputation is well-deserved. All their products are built for warmth and comfort and to repel water, and they feature patented “storm technology” in order to keep the wearer dry from inside as well as outside.

One of Under Armour's most popular Ridge Reaper Raider Jackets comes in the Barren Camouflage. It has swills as well as splotches of brown, green, and grey color against a background that is light grey. Barren was specially designed by keeping in mind the Western hunter, but it has the ability to blend equally well in the whitetail woods.

Drake Hunting Apparel

Drake has a wide variety of different hunting apparel series, and all of these are made for exceptional circumstances that you may face when you hunt. They have designed vests, jackets, hoodies, and bibs using various fabrics with completely different cameo patterns. Therefore, you will have complete weather protection, concealment, and temperature regulation.

The Guardian 1 Flex 3 in 1 Systems Coat by Drake is made from a windproof, waterproof and breathable mechanical stretch fabric. It offers a durable water repellent ability and also includes an Eqwader liner that is removable with the help of the zip-off wheels. Therefore, it is a perfect coat to combine with the Drake bibs for a great hunting experience.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that hunting is among the most physically challenging activities because almost all of your time is spent off-trail. Other than that, you may need to sprint up hillsides and various traverse ridgelines with plenty of gear, often in harsh weather. 

A number of best hunting clothing brands like Sitka and Under Armour are light-weight, suitable for an athletic fit, and a little expensive, but these are indeed better than the rugged duds that you used in the past, even if you pay a bit more for them.


Why do we need camo for hunting?

There is no doubt that camouflage is beneficial, but it is not always necessary in the majority of hunting circumstances. It is crucial for predator hunting, moderately vital to deer hunting, and might be less significant for any upland bird hunting.

Which camo brands are considered to be the best?

There are a number of best hunting clothing brands out there, while the best camo brands are Sitka, Under Armour, Drake, Banded, and many more.

Which camo is known to be the most effective one?

A camo pattern known as Marpat is widely viewed as among the top concealment patterns that are known in the industry. The primary reason for it to be the most effective one are its small and digitized pixels.