Best Handgun Brands

VD October 10 2021

So, you're looking for some best handgun brands to buy a pistol for your self-defense purpose. Or maybe you're researching some of the best handguns for the military, police, and other armed forces or just for your peace of mind.

Handguns are the most popular firearms in the world. There are different types of handguns with different features, purpose, and use. People are so much fascinated by handguns due to their small size, easy-to-carry nature, and ease of use.

There are different types of handguns classified on the basis of being cocked (single action) or uncocked (double action), right (revolver) or left (pistol), single-shot breech-loading with multiple barrels, bolt/sliding/lever action, solid frame, or hinged frame. We all know how big a revolver is in comparison to an automatic handgun. Moreover, most people prefer buying an automatic handgun over a revolver because they can easily conceal it in their pockets or waistband rather than carrying a rifle. Automatic pistols use detachable magazines which make it easier for people to quickly reload bullets with less time and make the gun larger.

You may be thinking of what are the best handgun brands? Which handguns are most popular? What is the difference between a revolver and an automatic handgun? How many types of handguns are there in the market? If you're looking for answers to these questions, this article will help you out: with all the information about types of guns with different features and benefits.

In this article, you will read about the six best handgun brands. We have collected pistols information by choosing the number one ranked pistol from every blog. After that, we compared those pistols, did our little research, and put the 6 best handgun brands.

 Number 1: CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka)

The Czech brand CZ has been making semi-automatic pistols for more than sixty years. Armed force services use their firearms worldwide. CZ pistols are popular for self-defense and sports shooting, too. Their pistol CZ-75 was made for Czech military forces in 1976, and they were a huge success. These guns are still in demand, and CZ is constantly improving their pistols for the better. CZ guns are easy to shoot and handle and have a short recoil. They are accurate and designed to accommodate a wide variety of shooters.

With their unmatched quality, they have been leading the market for about 30 years now. The latest technology is used in manufacturing these guns, and CZ always brings something new up every year. Their most popular CZ 75 is one of the best handguns I've ever handled. It is accurate, reliable and not to mention its great design.

Number 2: Glock

The unique thing you might notice about these pistols is their trigger design, which differs from the other handguns. Their guns are polymer-framed, not the metal frame. Their plastic design may not suit your preference, but they are said to be solid and reliable pistols. Military and law enforcement forces use this handgun widely. Their trigger requires greater pull which you may find bothering. Glock pistols are easy to customize, and they have a durable build. They are simple and easy to conceal. Overall, Glocks are very dependable and easy to use pistols.

Number 3: KelTec

KelTec was founded in 1991. It is not very popular among the brands of pistols, but their guns are unique. Their KelTec P50 might look unusual when compared with other firearms. It has a high firing velocity with less recoil. How is that possible? The secret is well-kept. The gun it comes with two 50 round magazines designed horizontally on the top of the pistol, which is an exclusive feature of this gun maker. This gun is not very common around the world, but if you're looking for something different from other handguns, this might be a great buy.

Number 4: Springfield Armory, Inc.

Springfield Armory was founded in 1974 by Bob Reese. This handgun company has won several awards. Their pistol Ronin 10mm is a classic-style pistol with modern features. It is excellent for extreme weather conditions, and their pistols are usually lifelong powerhouses. But there is a downside: they are high-maintenance, which includes corrosive primers. Not everyone wants to clean their gun daily, but if you're looking for a durable pistol that will last a lifetime, this one might be the choice.

Number 5: Smith & Wesson

This firearm brand was founded by Horace Smith and Daniel B Wesson in 1852. They have made one of the best revolvers and pistols of all time. Smith & Wesson has also produced handguns that are the best fit for police and the military. One thing that can be bothering about their firearms is their triggers. It has a long pull, and the reset is also long. Their handguns are totally customizable for camo, wood grips, stainless steel construction. Smith & Wesson guns are durable with great-built quality which makes them one of the best handgun brands.

Number 6: Beretta

In our view, Beretta 92, Beretta M9 is the best-looking handgun ever made. Beretta is one of the oldest gun manufacturing companies founded in 1526 in Italy. Beretta handguns are widely used by military and law enforcement forces. Some people find Beretta 92 to be heavy to carry and shoot. One of the best things about Beretta 92 and Beretta M9 is their magazine of 15 rounds. They are one of the top 10 best handguns in the market. You can also find M9A1 and M92 to be great options. They come with a rail on the bottom of the gun, and it is customizable.


When telling about the best handgun brand, there would be different opinions. It depends upon the domain we need that handgun for. For the military and police, there would be another winner. For personal self-defense, the winner handgun might be from a different brand than the military one. For hunting, there might also be another brand on the top. Although, if we look at the information and do some research, Ceska Zbrojovka appears to be the winner. Concerning the best handgun brands, SIG Sauer might be an alternate winner. Beretta and Glock are also good choices if we look at the best handgun brands overall. You can choose your firearm based on your need, preference, and budget. Also, remember that not all branded handguns are trustworthy; you must conduct research before buying one.

If you are interested in building up your own handgun, take a look at the best AR 15 kits. The top brands mentioned above have many sub-brands that are also trustworthy. The handguns they produce are usually different from each other quality-wise. You can compare them side by side before making any final decision. If you feel that some other brand is trustworthy enough, you can include it in your list. This is not a one-time process; you must keep on learning about the best brands and their pistols to make a sensible decision.