Best .223 Ammo for Coyote Hunting

VD November 11 2021

There was a time when coyotes claimed nearly half of America as their home, but now they have managed to spread over the entire continent. Coyotes can easily be found in El Salvador as well as Alaska and vary in size according to geographical location. Coyote hunters also vary, as some like sniping coyotes from long distances, while others prefer to hunt them from a small distance.

.223 caliber rifle is considered to be the best gun for hunting coyotes, but when you know about the best coyote bullet for 223, you will be able to hunt down the coyotes quickly. It can indeed be somewhat tricky, as there are a number of options available in the market, and you would definitely want to use the one on your next trip for coyote hunting.

List of the best coyote ammo for .223

Nosler 40 Grain Ballistic Tip

Nosler 40 Grain is highly-rated, as it is explosive, but might be a little less as compared to the Spear 50 Grain TNT. When you fire a shot with this ammo, you will notice that there is a lot less left in the end, and the pieces tend to be larger, thus offering a slightly less explosion. The accuracy tends to be up to par, which is why coyotes would not stand a chance against it.

The bullet has very good stopping power and offers a huge advantage in terms of its construction, as well as performance. It consists of a lead core with a copper jacket, resulting in an impressive performance. The ballistic tip ensures that the terminal ballistics possess high energy.

  • What makes it special?

The Nosler 40 Grain ballistic tip is indeed very well-known amongst coyote hunters for its stopping power and accuracy. The bullet has an impressive design, which ensures that there are no issues in the flight path. It also travels at a great speed, which can ensure proper penetration into the target.

  • What could be better?

It might not be the best for longer distances, but it is certainly effective in short to mid-range shots. Also, one should note that if you are using this bullet for coyote hunting with a rifle chambered in .223 Remington, its accuracy might decrease exponentially.

Hornady 50 Grain SPSX

Although SPSX by Hornady might be a little less explosive, you will be able to notice that around two-third of the cantaloupe remains in its place. When the shot is fired, the round is capable of blowing a giant hole right through the center.

It is good for mid to long ranges, and can even go up to 200 yards or so. The major plus point of the bullet is that it comes in a full metal jacket with high-quality design, which ensures effective penetration.

  • What makes it special?

There are a lot of things about this bullet that make it great for coyote hunting, but the main thing would be the fact that it has a very impressive design. The bullet has an effective weight of 50 grain, with the capacity to penetrate through two-inch thick pine boards.

  • What could be better?

There are no major issues with this bullet for coyote hunting, but if you are not satisfied with its performance, then you might want to consider buying something else.

Winchester 55 Grain Ballistic Silver Tip

Winchester is undoubtedly a big name when it is about high-quality ammunition. When a shot is fired from the 55 Grain Silver Tip, it may blow some cantaloupe parts about a few yards away from the impact. This best coyote bullet for 223 will indeed explode with a large force and may leave only a tiny section intact.

It is ideal for long distances and can travel up to 200 yards with relatively good accuracy. This means that the wind speed will not have a major impact on your shot, and you can get it right even if there are crosswinds.

  • What makes it special?

The Winchester 55 Grain Silver Tip happens to be one of the best coyote rounds for .223 Remington chambered rifles. It has a very impressive stopping power and accuracy; also, its flat trajectory ensures that it does not sway away from its path while flying down towards the target.

  • What could be better?

Although this bullet does not cause much damage to the meat, thus making it suitable for hunting purposes, you might consider investing in something else if you are looking to hunt only mountain lions.

Nosler 40 Grain Varmageddon

Varmageddon by Nosler is definitely among the most explosive of the ammo from the nozzle. You will notice that a piece of cantaloupe will be landing near the shooting position, which clearly shows that the explosive force is rounded well within the cantaloupe.

It is very effective for close-range coyote hunting, and the bullet has a high velocity of 3340-fps. The bullet strikes with a round nose design, which ensures proper penetration even though it does not have much weight.

  • What makes it special?

The Nosler 40 Grain Varmageddon round possesses great accuracy, even at longer ranges. It happens to be one of the most well-designed bullets you will ever see in .223 Remington rounds for coyote hunting. It also travels at a very fast speed thanks to its muzzle velocity.

  • What could be better?

If you are thinking that this bullet does not cause much damage because of its lightweight then you need to think again; however, if this is your main concern, then you might want to use something else.

Barnes 36 Grain Varmint Grenade

Barnes 36 also delivers quite a similar explosion effect to Nosler 40 Varmageddon, but one may notice that it may top the Varmageddon a little in the explosion. Although one may not find much of a difference between Barnes 36 and Varmageddon when it is about coyote hunting, many hunters still consider Barness to be a little ahead in the competition.

  • What makes it special?

The Barnes 36 grain Varmint Grenade is lead-free and has a very high ballistic coefficient. It happens to be a fast-moving projectile, which means that wind speed will not have a major impact on your shot. This particular bullet for coyote hunting also possesses great accuracy at long ranges even in the face of strong winds.

  • What could be better?

The Barnes 36 Grain Varmint Grenade may not kill the coyote instantly, which can be a bit of an issue for some hunters. It also causes relatively minor damage to the meat and is hard to recover compared to other types of bullets.

Final Thoughts

Although it is possible to hunt and kill a coyote with anything from .22LR to a .30/06, as all can work within their limitations, but .223 is considered the most common load for the AR-15 rifle styles. If your gun and scope are aligned in a proper way, you can confidently hunt a coyote up to 300 yards away, and any expanding best coyote bullet for .223 will work for you.